The Team

Bruno is the OG founder of Worklight and the company's cinematographer. He's been working behind the lens for over a decade, and seeks to find the story in every frame. Bruno shoots primarily on digital media, but has a soft spot for filming on 16mm and 35mm film. Bruno has DP’d a zillion music videos, commercials, and short films, as well as five feature films, including Worklight’s first in-house feature collaboration, “Easy Does It”, premiering in 2019.
Owner | Cinematographer
Lizzie Guitreau Producer Fixer Worklight Pictures Easy Does It.JPG
Chief of Production
Lizzie is all things numbers and scheduling at Worklight. She joined the team in 2015 as a producer and production coordinator, and has done her best to keep everyone on set happy and chill. She is the line producer and production coordinator on Worklight’s feature collaboration, “Easy Does It” - her first time producing a feature, but certainly not her last. She champions women in film, and is happy with how the world is turning towards change.

Our Services

Story & Concept Development
We concentrate on finding the heart of the story, no matter the subject. We aim to create a simple, clean cut look and feel for each video - unique to your needs.

Budget Management
Stretching a dollar is a real art form, and we pride ourselves on staying on budget. Reach out to us for an all-inclusive production quote.
(No hidden costs, ever!)

Time is one of the most important tools we have on set. You can work with us to put together a thoughtfully organized production schedule, or trust our hardworking Production Coordinators and Assistant Directors to do it for you.

Friendly service for beginners
You don’t have to be a professional storyteller - leave that to us! We want to make this an easy process for you, but also a fun and creative one.

Bruno Doria shoots every frame of Worklight’s material. Check out his work in our portfolio.

Drone Video Services
Bruno Doria is a FAA certified and licensed drone operator, you can get more information here

Production Management
We produce material from the ground up, and our production team is experienced in production management for commercials, music videos, promotional material, and documentary and narrative feature films. 

Cast & Crew
We have a tight knit community of professional, talented, and friendly New Orleans film crew members and performers at your service.

Directors | Audio mixers | Gaffers | Camera Operators | Assitant Camera | DIT and Media Managers | Production Assistants | Fixers | Production Designers | Grips and Electricians | Caterers | Hair & Makeup Designers | SFX | Wardrobe | Cast
Post Production

They say a film’s story is made in the editing room. Our team of editors is familiar with multiple editing platforms including Avid, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut X. We can work on tight timelines — our current record is 4 hours from start to finish.

Colorist Services
No project is complete without thoughtful and creative coloring. We have the technology and experience to create a one-of-a-kind look for your finished video.

Post Audio
Your video needs to look and sound good to catch your audiences's eyes and ears. We can put the finishing touches on the post sound mix, record ADR & Foley, and assist with music licensing and recording original score.

Graphic Design & Animation
Animated graphics and creative imagery are a surefire way to take a good video to the next level. Custom graphics and animations are our specialty.

Our Clients